We exist to help women in low and middle income countries to realise their potential and support their families by starting and growing businesses. Our new report not only shows just how heavily this crisis is impacting these women, their families and their communities, but also makes it clear that in order to get through it they need us more than ever.

At a time when many people want to do their bit to help, marathons and other fundraising events all over the world are being cancelled. This stands to have a catastrophic impact on many charities, which rely on them for vital income.

But while fundraisers can no longer run, walk or wheel 26 miles, many are becoming more and more creative while stuck at home, including taking part in the 2.6 Challenge to raise money for their causes instead!

What is the 2.6 Challenge?

It’s simple: You choose your charity or cause, then think up what activity you’d like to do to fundraise, based around the number 26 (or 2.6, or 260), then promote it and donate what you raise. You could do one challenge for 26 minutes or hours, or 26 challenges in one day, or even a challenge a day for 26 days! It’s for all ages, abilities and interests, and anyone can do it – you don’t have to be in the UK.

Women entrepreneurs all over the world are struggling right now, but every little bit you raise can really help:

  • £100 will help enhance our educational resources, so women can build their skills
  • £300 will allow us to develop our training materials in different languages, so we can reach even more communities
  • £1,000 will support women entrepreneurs to access our mobile learning app, so they can grow their businesses on-the-go
  • £10,000 will enable 10 women to undertake our year-long mentoring programme, bringing incredible, positive impacts to so many

This May, June or July, why not help us get women entrepreneurs and their families through the COVID-19 crisis by helping support our programmes with some all-important home fundraising? You can even get the family involved.

So, how do I do it?

  1. Make a plan: what are you going to do, when and how? We’ve shared some ideas below!
  2. Set up a page with Virgin Money Giving, GoFundMe or another online crowdfunder platform, telling people what you’re doing and why in the description
  3. Let us know at media@cherieblairfoundation.org – we’d love to know what you’re doing, and can also send you our logo or some info about us to share, if you like
  4. Promote your challenge and ask for donations: tell local press, share your story on Twitter and Facebook, let your co-workers and groups know – really shout about it!
  5. Post regular updates on your crowdfunder and over your social media to help keep people engaged

Here are some activity ideas to get you started…

  • Walk 26,000 steps around your home in one day
  • Paint 26 paintings
  • Cook a dinner with 26 different ingredients
  • Perform 26 cartwheels in under 2.6 minutes
  • Carry out a 26 hour silence
  • Ride a scooter around your local park 26 times
  • Learn how to say “thank you” in 26 different languages
  • Do 260 squats in 26 minutes
  • Listen to your most hated song 26 consecutive times
  • Watch 26 episodes of a TV programme back-to-back
  • Read 26 chapters of a book
  • Plank for 6 minutes
  • Undertake 2.6 hours of meditation
  • Learn all 26 letters of the alphabet in sign language
  • Walk up and down your stairs 26 times
  • Compliment 26 people
  • Wear a silly hat for 26 hours
  • Tell 260 jokes
  • Give a 26 minute class on Zoom
  • Read 26 poems out loud over Instagram stories
  • Stay off the internet for a full 26 hours
  • Walk, wheel or jog a mile a day for 26 days

When you’ve finished your challenge and collected your pledges, you can send us what you’ve raised through our online donation form, or get in touch with us if you’d like to use a different method.

Be sure to celebrate your success by sharing your photos and videos using #TwoPointSixChallenge. Don’t forget to tag @cherieblairfndn so we can join the fun and share your updates.

Your fundraiser will help change the lives of women in over 100 countries. With your support, we can protect the livelihoods of women around the world, and make sure their families and children are protected as a result.

Thank you, and happy fundraising!



Image: Women entrepreneurs on our Mujeres AVE programme in Oaxaca, Mexico

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